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Hot Lap – Time Attack Round 2 – Zandvoort – April 14 2013

by on Apr.16, 2013, under Media, Race events

Video of Time Attack yesterday in our DC5. This was the first session (training), 1 hot lap.
The result was a 2.00 time which was the first place in our SuperPro class for this session.
A full report of how our day went will follow soon.

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Testing Time!

by on Mar.01, 2013, under General, Media

Testing Time! Some times a video says more than words….

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First test, first major problem!!

by on Oct.05, 2011, under Garage

We sure had some fun during our first testing day but it soon turned all around.

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Finally, the first shakedown.

by on Sep.21, 2011, under Garage

28th of August a new event came up. We were desperately trying to get the car ready before that. Some last details still had to be done but no major stuff. We had to make sure the car was running properly so we didn’t lose face during Superlap so we planned a shakedown on Zandvoort circuit.
August 24 was the big day!!
To get the car really ready for track we still had some things to do. It was way to loud with the Ape garage custom exhaust, this should only take one lap before we get the black flag. Regulations are very strict over here in Holland according to sound levels. Another problem was a ticking fuel pump. That should be the first problem to take on. After that trouble really started.
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Save weight……use carbon parts!!

by on Oct.09, 2010, under Garage

It was obvious that there would be al lot of “black gold” on our race car. Showoff Imports is the biggest European dealer of Seibon carbon therefore of course some nice products to show our customers. The hood already was carbon fibre but it was painted, we chose a new one. To save some weight on the back end the trunk should be replaced, carbon, what else! Probably the top peace of our carbon mania, the doors. They look great in real life, you have to trust me on that. Hard to capture on a photo but we sure tried.

Glass is also very heavy on a car, we replaced all the windows, except the front one (for now), with polycarbonate ones. They are made beautifully, just like the oem windows, just a hell of a lot lighter!

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Testfitting the wide body

by on Oct.09, 2010, under Garage

Here we are again with a few updates. Due to the summer season with all the meetings and stuff we didn’t had much chance to make progress on the car. We are getting there but sometimes it goes slow.

To make the DC5 more like a properĀ  race-car we chose to change the entire look with a wide-body-kit. People have to notice some serious work is being done to our project. Since there are only a few wide-bodies for the DC5 we had little to choose from. We think the current one is the best looking one. It really was a pain to get it on the car. And for now it’s only on, the painter has a lot of work coming his way!

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Automaxx Streetpower 2010 Part 2

by on Mar.30, 2010, under Race events

We came across a new video from our friends over at RPM Online. New footage from the 2010 Streetpower event @ Circuit Park Zandvoort. Mainly Time Attack Semi Pro Street and a peak behind the scene at the inspection rounds. There will be another part soon, that will be the Pro Street with of course the DC5!!

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About RPM Online

by on Mar.26, 2010, under General

Since you’ll be seeing a lot of video material from RPM Online on our website we thought it’s fair to introduce them to our public. We are familiar with theĀ  founder of RPM Online, Peter Schwillens, for a few years now and are a big fan of his work. The video’s they produce are always a treat!

RPM Online logoRPM Online is a team of performance and tuner enthusiasts who have combined this with their other hobby; media productions. They produce videos, photos and articles about this community, mainly in the so called Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). The coverage is mostly performance based, such as the Time Attack events.

Visit RPM Online if you like to see more of them!

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