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Finally, the first shakedown.

by on Sep.21, 2011, under Garage

28th of August a new event came up. We were desperately trying to get the car ready before that. Some last details still had to be done but no major stuff. We had to make sure the car was running properly so we didn’t lose face during Superlap so we planned a shakedown on Zandvoort circuit.
August 24 was the big day!!
To get the car really ready for track we still had some things to do. It was way to loud with the Ape garage custom exhaust, this should only take one lap before we get the black flag. Regulations are very strict over here in Holland according to sound levels. Another problem was a ticking fuel pump. That should be the first problem to take on. After that trouble really started.
The car wasn’t running properly anymore, we tried everything but nothing seem to work. After a few hours we found a clogged fuel filter, that was our problem. We fixed the fuel filter and attacked the next problem, NOISE!
As always time was running out and we still had to weld a silencer in our exhaust. A big warehouse like the one we have here seemed useful again. A Megan Racing Evo 8 cat convertor should do the trick. Our friends over at could weld it in for us, 10pm we got over to Haaren and they got the job done nicely.
Exhaust had to be mounted and we had to get all things together for our track day. Way past midnight all was done and we could get/needed some sleep.
The next morning we took off to Zandvoort.

Unfortunately it was raining the entire morning ant there was nothing we could really do other than wait. We only had the Toyo semi slick tires with us. After a few hours Ronald was getting restless and decided to subscribe for a heat.

In the end we managed to participate in 3 sessions. In the last one we had some problems with parts getting loose due to heavy vibrations on the engine. Using very hard engine mounts payed his toll. Some things we have to take a closer look on for the next time!!

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