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Engine back in and running 300 HP!!

by on Nov.23, 2011, under Garage

A few weeks ago our K22 engine came back from it’s trip to UK. Rebuild and ready to rumble.
We mounted the engine back in the car and modified some minor details. Always exciting when you push the starter button for the first time again, but no problems at all. Everything was running perfectly.
To finetune the engine again another dynorun was needed, therefore we went back to DP Engineering. This time the magical 300 number was getting pretty close. Martijn managed to tune it with the Hondata Kpro to an astonishing 300,2HP with 275Nm of torque. All of that without using a turbo or supercharger. NA all the way.
Next up is fixing some minor things with suspension setup and we have to finish the front splitter. After that next Time Attack season may as well get started.

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Finally, the first shakedown.

by on Sep.21, 2011, under Garage

28th of August a new event came up. We were desperately trying to get the car ready before that. Some last details still had to be done but no major stuff. We had to make sure the car was running properly so we didn’t lose face during Superlap so we planned a shakedown on Zandvoort circuit.
August 24 was the big day!!
To get the car really ready for track we still had some things to do. It was way to loud with the Ape garage custom exhaust, this should only take one lap before we get the black flag. Regulations are very strict over here in Holland according to sound levels. Another problem was a ticking fuel pump. That should be the first problem to take on. After that trouble really started.
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DC5 Photoshoot

by on Sep.19, 2011, under General

A few weeks ago we had a photoshoot with our lovely ladies for a new poster. And sure we like to share ;-)





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Diffusor fabrication

by on Sep.19, 2011, under Garage

To create enough downforce on our track car we decided to make the entire bottom flat en use a rear diffusor. The diffusor is made of ABS plastic to keep it light and flexibel.







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We needed a new window.

by on May.29, 2011, under Garage

Since our old window got damaged when we removed it when all the mayhem started at the very start of taking the dc5 apart we were in desperate need of a brand new example. The project was displayed a couple of times just to show it to the public, we got all kind of reactions regarding the front window not being there. It was time to find ourselves a new window. That appeared to be harder than we thought but thanks to a friend at the Glassgarage we found one.

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Installing the Radiator and Oil Cooler

by on Feb.13, 2011, under Garage

Our enourmous radiator was a bit larger then expected, so we had to cut the subframe in the front and reweld it a bit lower. We also installed the Setrab Oil Cooler, nicely in the middle of the front bumper’s air vent.

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Installing the lightweight Carbon Seat(s)

by on Feb.13, 2011, under Garage

Despite the whole car was already painted, we still had to do some welding to fabricate seat mounts. Reinier again took the welding torch and started to work! Each seat has a weight of only 4.5KG. The passenger seat is removable for the actual races.

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