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Custom ApeGarage exhaust system.

by on May.31, 2011, under Garage

All things coming together now, almost ready to fire the engine up for the very first time. But there is one important bit we didn’t spent any time on so far. The exhaust system. We did however think about it, what’s best for the job, an after market system? Witch brand? Stainless steel or even titanium? What system is going to be quiet enough for track regulations, with a very very very loud k20?

All these things considering the best way to go was to make a custom exhaust system with vibrant mufflers connected to the Megan racing race-header. It would be a 3inch system. For this job we called in Kel from the ApeGarage, he just makes great things. Check it out on

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Automaxx Streetpower & Time Attack round 1 2011

by on May.30, 2011, under Race events

March this year round 1 of the first Dutch Time Attack season ever was due. Of course that should be our deadline, unfortunately we weren’t going to make it. Simply to much work still had to be done. Shame on us!
Another movie made by RPMVision. Enjoy!!

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Air filter, cooling system and catch can.

by on May.29, 2011, under Garage

After searching the Showoff Imports warehouse we found the best air filter to suit our project. A group M like filter system, this should do the job of feeding the K20 with enough air.

Than there is the massive Megan Racing high capacity radiator. After welding some AN-connections (yet another custom job) on it we could use braided hoses with AN-fittings. Together with a Meziere pump this cooling system should be in enough to keep everything “cool”. The thermostat has gone so we always have full cooling capacity. During the filling process we discovered some leaks, after fixing that we thought we were all good. Yupz, we thought. There happened to be a major hole in the back of the engine. After comparing with the k20 ep3 it came obvious. There used to be a heater connected to that hole. After market plugs are available only from one brand, and we needed it fast, so that wasn’t an option. The best solution in these cases is to make one yourself, nothing can beat that ;-) So there you have it, one custom k20 heater plug. Only available at Showoff imports!!!!!!!

We don’t need any oil to get into the our engine we need a catch can to keep the oil from getting sucked back into the engine. For environmental reasons we need to catch all access oil the engine is spitting out.
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The E85 fuel system.

by on May.29, 2011, under Garage

In order to go “green” being a hot item in motor-sports, we decided to run the car on E85 bio-ethanol. Well, to be honest, it runs better and adds a few hp’s.
The entire fuel system needs to be upgraded. Bigger injectors (650cc), swirl pot to keep the fuel from getting hot and make sure it takes fuel and no air, new fuel lines and a fuel pressure regulator. I will take you trough the system. First we pump the fuel into the swirl pot with a small fuel pump. No need for a big pump, it just keeps the swirl pot full. If the swirl pot is overflowing the fuel just gets back in the tank. To pump the fuel from the swirl pot to the front we use a Bosch 044 fuel pump. Before it gets to the fuel rail the E85 runs trough a filter. Right after the fuel rail there is a fuel pressure regulator, needed to keep the whole line from the pump to the fuel rail pressurised. All fuel that doesn’t needs to be injected runs right back to the swirl pot to cool down and ready to be used again.

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Connecting sensors and buttons.

by on May.29, 2011, under Garage

In the chapter “a bitch called electronics” the end is near but still, we need some more wires to connect. We are using a race technology dash so it needs some more sensors. Oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel pressure and fuel level are a few of them. Also to navigate through the dashes menu a couple of buttons on the steering wheel are needed. And of course, the starter button. Originally the dc5 doesn’t have a starter button, we ordered an S2000 starter button. The wiring was already adapted in an earlier stage.

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We needed a new window.

by on May.29, 2011, under Garage

Since our old window got damaged when we removed it when all the mayhem started at the very start of taking the dc5 apart we were in desperate need of a brand new example. The project was displayed a couple of times just to show it to the public, we got all kind of reactions regarding the front window not being there. It was time to find ourselves a new window. That appeared to be harder than we thought but thanks to a friend at the Glassgarage we found one.

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A brand new trailer.

by on May.29, 2011, under General

Many of you people out there already know that our project isn’t going to be road legal. So therefore we needed to get our hands on some kind of transportation. Ronald was searching for a while now, hoping to find a nice second-hand example. Nothing really stood out so he decided to get a look at a brand new trailer. He sure found one!!!!!!

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Chop-shop Dongen!

by on Oct.16, 2010, under Garage

In order to make room for the exhaust we extended the tunnel all the way to the back seat, or what ever was the back seat. The intention is to make the car’s bottom flat, to run the exhaust to the back, half way to the back that is, we had to extend the tunnel. It was time to start chopping!!

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