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The E85 fuel system.

by on May.29, 2011, under Garage

In order to go “green” being a hot item in motor-sports, we decided to run the car on E85 bio-ethanol. Well, to be honest, it runs better and adds a few hp’s.
The entire fuel system needs to be upgraded. Bigger injectors (650cc), swirl pot to keep the fuel from getting hot and make sure it takes fuel and no air, new fuel lines and a fuel pressure regulator. I will take you trough the system. First we pump the fuel into the swirl pot with a small fuel pump. No need for a big pump, it just keeps the swirl pot full. If the swirl pot is overflowing the fuel just gets back in the tank. To pump the fuel from the swirl pot to the front we use a Bosch 044 fuel pump. Before it gets to the fuel rail the E85 runs trough a filter. Right after the fuel rail there is a fuel pressure regulator, needed to keep the whole line from the pump to the fuel rail pressurised. All fuel that doesn’t needs to be injected runs right back to the swirl pot to cool down and ready to be used again.

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